• To be an organization that generates added value for our country and our society.
  • In all of our business processes, to understand the expectations of the customers we serve and to satisfy those expectations before our competitors.
  • To incorporate into our processes technological advances that reduce costs and increase quality and profitability.
  • To demonstrate that we are a reliable, modern, innovative and contemporary organization in every field in which we operate.
  • To take a proactive approach to all business processes.
  • To ensure that all our staff, business and solutions partners operate on the basis of this same understanding of quality.

We implement our Environmental Policy with the objective of ensuring that in construction, education and our other areas of operations we conserve natural resources, prevent waste and raise future generations as "environmentally-sensitive" generations. In our construction projects, as part of our green energy system, we promote conservation by using natural resources like solar energy and rainwater and make a difference by safeguarding the natural environment with projects that are in harmony with nature. At Doğa Schools, with our environmentally-friendly campuses, we foster an awareness in children from kindergarten onwards that people and nature are part of one inseparable whole.


In the light of the guiding principle set out by our Chairman of the Board Mr. Ömer Saçaklıoğlu, "Let's do whatever it takes to ensure that no one ever makes us feel a sense of regret or remorse..." we implement the maximum possible safeguards in our occupational health and safety procedures and ensure that others do the same.

The industries in which we operate include those classified as "very dangerous," "dangerous" and "minimally dangerous." In every one of our areas of operations, we implement all precautions specified in the relevant laws and regulations and expect the same commitment from our business and solutions partners, which is why we are meticulous in carrying out our monitoring and audit functions.

Taking proactive precautions in our work spaces, we make prevention a priority. By ensuring that our human resources work in a safe environment and through the steps we take both to promote adoption of an occupational health and safety culture and the steps we take to protect both employees' lives and health, we work to fulfill our objective of zero workplace accidents and illnesses.

Our Occupational Safety and Health Policy is: Proactive. All our practices and procedures are based on the belief that is easier and less expensive to take precautions proactively than to react after an accident.